Roku media player

The Roku media player set up process generally the same as another Roku device, like Roku express, Roku ultra. It depends on different models.

Follow the Roku setup process steps which are given below:-

1. Use HDMI cable to connect the Roku player.
2. Plug HDMI cable into HDMI Port on your TV.
3. Plug the power cable into the Roku device.
4. Check the correct input for the Roku media player, then turn on Roku TV.
5. Insert batteries into Roku Remote and pair the remote control for Roku TV.
6. Follow the on-screen direction by Roku remote.
7. Choose language.
8. Setup internet connection by wifi network or ethernet cable. if you use a Roku ultra, you can use an ethernet cable and avoid wifi network.
9. Next, connect the device to the internet and install updates for the Roku player.
10. Open an internet browser on PC and mobile and navigate it to
11. Enter the Roku activation code on your TV screen.
12. Now, create a Roku account. if you have a Roku account, so you can sign in by username and password.
13. Step, select a streaming channel according to your choice.
14. Finally, you can customize the Roku experience by your favorite channels.

So, every user can be set up and activate the Roku media player. In this article, all steps are very easy.

For the activation of Roku, the user needs a desktop or laptop computer, where they can create an account & finish the setup process.

If you are buying a Roku product, we suggest you buy Roku Media player because it is the most popular device.

Roku is available in low to high budget.
1. Roku Streaming Stick ( $29.99)
2. Roku Ultra ( $99.99)

You can easily buy both products online or offline.


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